True or false: the hardest parts about writing your story is actually deciding what moments are relevant to your audience, mission and overall brand ? 

Get my free ABOUT PAGE RECIPE guide to craft your story in a way that showcases the best version of you, shares your story in a *relatable* way + connects to your audience. 

At the Untamed HQ, we break it down for you sweet + simple:

+ 9-part guide to writing prompts to structure your story with ease and confidence + 4 steps to writing a compelling core message that resonate with your ideal client + Concrete examples of my industry favs so you can visualize different writing styles, voices and layouts + Deep journaling questions to help unlock the truth + heart of your message so your writing can flow effortlessly 

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" This About Page Recipe Book is GOLD!

Telling an authentic story can feel tricky when the end goal is to make money from it - but Brittany breaks it down step-by-step. If you follow the ‘recipe’ your about page WILL engage, attract, and be authentically you. " - Micky Vranic, Uggly Pugg Creative Co.

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